Helps in building DLT applications using Hedera hashgraph.

The Challenge

Solutions require speed, security, and scalability. But current solutions are compromising on either speed or security or scalability to increase the throughput of transactions.

The Solution


Hashgraph platform overcomes these potholes and helps in creating a fast, secure and scalable 4th Generation DLT solution.

Our Services

Smart Contract Audit

Dapps Dev

POC development

Technology Consulting

Tokenization of assets

Step 1:

Ideation and Analysis:

Blockchain technologies do promise a scalable solution but we always go for a quick “ Are you Hashgraph-ready” assessment. This helps us in delineating your technical obstacles to create a viable product.

Step One

Step 2:

Product Market Research and Strategy:

We research on the idea’s business requirement and decide upon the Hashgraph technicalities to build a proof of concept around the idea.


Step 3:

Product Development:

With the proof of concept well understood and analyzed, It’s time to scale up the process and start working on the visual and technical elements of our solution. We develop a prototype and then proceed to work upon the UI/UX elements of the product.


Step 4:

Unveiling the pilot :

The product is now ready for testing. We test the different functionalities and build on it to enhance the security and scalability of the product.


Your idea is now a reality. :)


Step 5:

Support Services:

A product needs a run-through every once a while. With our extended support services, operational hitches are never a concern. We are always happy to help!


Got a project to discuss?

Consulting Process

Your Data

Assessment of the existing business

We review the current business model and technical framework, review if the business needs a DLT solution or not, assess the different DLT solutions that can be a fit for your business model, research on the best way to utilize the DLT solution in your existing framework.

The Benchmark Report

Product Strategy consultation

Considering the Operational risk and readiness, competitive advantage and market readiness, we provide feedback and a report on the type of DLT solution that could be incorporated into the business.

Your Network

Architecture Design, Development and Beyond

We then design the framework/architecture for a product implementation with a full design specification.

Meet Our Team

Kularanjan Choudhary
CEO, Founder
Vishal Dharmawat
Madhurima Biswas
Marketing Analyst

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